Are you looking for a former PREBLE shipmate?  Email me and I'll post your request here for all to see.  Maybe someone else knows where your friend is and can help you out or maybe they will search the internet for their name and find this page.  If you get a response to your request, please have them contact me also so that we can get them on the website for other shipmates to find.

Date Posted


Looking For

05/07/99 Tom Bateman GMM3 Vic Balch, FTM1 Al Ballard, FTM3 Beaton, GMM2 Brennan, FTM2 Julios Carios, GMM2 "Dude" Crawford,  GMM3 Richard Fong, GMMC Healey, GMM3 Gary Peecher, (along with anyone else that EVER served aboard PREBLE)
05/09/99 Jack Piccard IC? James Grimes, EM3 Randy  Bass, EM2 Kerry (Fred) Hart, EM1 Bruce Holt, EM3  Kelley Evans
05/16/99 Chris Cummings LTJG Michael L. Britzenhoff, LT Mark Claussen, LCDR Massicott (CHENG in 1979/80), BT3 Chip Lein and generally anyone who was in the B division in 79/80
05/17/99 John Breckenridge FT3 Jack Sabo, FT2 Dennis Prestel
05/30/99 Joseph Mrozik MM1 Otis Taylor
05/30/99 Ron (Lurch) Korber ET2 Larry Olson, RD2 Walter Moneski, RD2 Frank Miller, ET2 Dennis Palmer, RD3 Robert E. Lee Schwieger (drifty), RD2 Barney (the fox)  Lewton, RD3 Don Beaman, RD1 Dick Boyd, Master Chief Parker, LT Lewis. All crew members 1965,1966,1967
07/03/99 Steve Glendenning OSCM Tim McCauley
07/21/99 James Larson Any of the supply dept. from 1989 to 1991. Or anyone that wants to talk
07/22/99 Henry E. Napierala RM2 Bob Scott, RM2 Jake Sistrunk, RM2 Skip Richardson, RM2 Richard Moss
07/26/99 Dan Wallace MM1 Marty Nazelrod, OS1 Thomas Ginn, RM1 Charles (Flapp) Bemmann, QM1 Joe Carlton, BT1 Lexy Gunter, LCDR Stan Winner
07/26/99 Hollie Stanley BM2 Blanchard, BM1 Rivers, BM2 Chambers, BM3 Hall, or anyone else from 1st Div. 1988 - 1991.
08/01/99 Gary (Willy) Williams Jack McKee
08/15/99 Craig Rothhammer OS3 William "Rusty" Knowland
08/22/99 Dave Platkin Looking for BM2 Romandetti. He owes me $86 for phone calls
he made from our apartment. All will be forgiven if he gives me his Mom's recipe for pickled jalapeno peppers.
09/02/99 Keith Ford STG's, GMT's, TM's  from the years 79-84, and any of the Christian brothers I made in those years on board.
09/06/99 William C. Krieger I am looking for FC1(SW) Scott J. Chisholm possibly FCC or FCCS by now.
09/08/99 Curtis Rathburn GMGSN  Tom Randle, GMG3 Jeff Caulkin, GMG2 David Payne, GMG3 Curtis Flagg, SKSN Bob Garner, BM2 Bob Romandetti, HTFN K. C. (Jimmy Page) Rickman
09/26/99 Bill Amsden Paul Fulton
11/06/99 Bill Reiter EM2 Phil Postle
11/30/99 Andrew Willis QMC(SW) Ken Frost and anyone else from 1989 - 1991.
12/19/99 Jim Nichols Looking for any members of the Flag Football team that won the base championship, or the Fast Pitch Softball team which won the Barbers Point Championship...
Really wonder what happened to "Gern Blanston"...only Jimmy Briody and Jeff Gagner know for sure...
01/04/00 Bill Smith Anyone from B Division during the 1988 - 1991 time frame.
01/07/00 Mark Van Curen
Looking for football and soccer players from 1978-1981 or anyone aboard at that time to chat.
01/09/00 Doug Mullen Looking for HMC (SW) Robert Conley 1989 - 1991, Last known address
was up state New York.
01/16/00 Ron Stauffer Neal Leterno B Div. 1960/63,  Bob Patterson M Div.60/63
01/22/00 Robert Cook Does anyone have any info on Darwin P. McNeal (I'm not sure if the last name was spelled that way).  He was still on board DLG-15 when I was discharged in Jan 1964.  If my memory is correct he was in the engineering dept.
01/22/00 Jim Wilk Looking for Roman (Rocky) Rocca 72-75.
01/23/00 Bob Mathis YN3 Tom Hardesty, MMC Jon Brostad, GMC Jim Dennis or PN1 Dan Clancy.
01/25/00 Albert Taylor Bill Cameron (Postal Clerk) 62-64, Chief Pike (Yeoman), FTC Guss, BMC Ritchie, Paul Coy Gibbons X-O, CO., William T Sadler CO, Chief Earnst HMC, HMC Leonard Moore - MSC-retired Captain. Anyone who served 62-64 or who made WestPac cruise in 64.
01/26/00 Brian Clements I'm looking for DK3 Tim Tedder, SN Sean Hast or any other people that served onboard from 11-87 to 7-89.
01/28/00 Jim Eiben
I'm looking for IC2 Rex Watkins, aboard the Preble 1969-1972. Last heard he was in the Kansas City area.
02/26/00 Joe Kicha Tom Taylor, MM2 Davidson, MM3 Tom Donofrio or anyone else from the # 2 After Screw Crew.
02/27/00 Keith Hook Looking for SM1 Whitmer and SM2 Brent House and also the other EW buddies from the summer of 87 med cruise till I left the boat 11/88.
03/07/00 George Methvin BT2 Richard Booth 1961-1964, & BT1 K. J.  Alexander 1961-1964
03/19/00 Herb Perkins David Knapp, Lou Camp, Tom Cook, Reno Sarri, Paul Center, Dennis Epling, James B. (Smitty) Smith, and anyone else from 1965/1969.
05/18/00 Steve Andrada Mike Spiekerman, Mark Neal, Ken E. Rose, J. M. Malloy, Al Morrisau, M.
A. Miller, Phil Sikkenga.    (Others from WestPac '76)
05/26/00 Rudy Koch I am looking for all STG's from 1981 through 1983 on board this fine ship.
06/17/00 Matt Adaskes All my NX Div. people, and my poker buddies, EW1 Day, PNC Nanny, YN1 Sayers, FC2 Bolerjack and YNC(SW) Bradley.
08/24/00 John Murphy RM3 Theodore Glaessgen, all OC Division  65-67
09/16/00 Bob Paskoski LT  Dave Kelly, YNC Attienza, YN1 Weaver, YN2 Steve Naumann, YN2 Henry (Hank) Demers, YN2 Rudy ??, PN2 Dennis Kahl.
10/03/00 Brad Winegard BT3 Benny Page, HT3 Fred Bart, QM3 Dan Shields, QM1 Sam Snead, QM2 "ferd", SMC Rick Santos, BT1 Coonrod, EN2 Marty Swackhammer, The "Alelafaluia" cousins (Our Samaon OS's) BM3 Beauchain, any of the crew from the "terror club" party or the Big scrap at Duffy's bar in Chinhae and any other crew members from the 75-76 cruise or veterans of the great parties at Bellow's beach
10/24/00 Bruce Ganrud TM1 Terry Morse (who da guy TJ), GMT3 Roger (Tex) Bolin, TM3 Raul O. Chavez, and STG2 "Manny".
11/08/99 Tom Killebrew LTJG Leburn (Bud) A. Thompson
11/18/00 Hal Edwards QM1 Pogue
11/19/00 Larry Strmiska Kenneth Mayo, Vic Colley, or anyone else from the Radio Gang.
12/10/00 Jeff Schutt MM3 Steve Crowder, MM3 Bob Kroeber, HT3 Ken Shephard, Joey Faune, Larry Mills, MM3 Kerry Meints, MM3 Tom Donofrio, Senior Chief Powell, MMC Gerald Brathewaite, MMFN Dan Hardy.
12/21/00 Bob Jones Any Data System Technicians from 1972-1974
12/22/00 James Breslin Looking for Lt. Lou Brothers, Comm. Officer '71-72.  Separated from Navy in early '72; last seen in St. Louis in '72, then was getting hitched in Creve Coeur, MO in '73, and haven't seen or heard from him since.
01/09/01 Roland Six Looking for PN2 Joseph Toner. I believe he continued on to the Pentagon in late 70's - early 80's. I remember he was attending college in Oregon early 80's.....I lost touch with him somewhere around then.  We promised one another to rendezvous in 25 years, at the Rose & Crown Pub in the International Marketplace in Pearl Harbor.....and Joe, THIS IS THE YEAR. Let's go get that beer.....I'll even spring for the plane tix, if need be.   Anyone from M Div, Main Control, or #2 Eng Rm......from the WESTPAC deployment 1976......I'd like to say hi to again...
01/13/01 Michael Baldwin Looking for SN Tom Urbin.  Was onboard Preble from 1971 to 1974.
01/30/01 Donald Louth BM3 Dana E. Lancaster
01/30/01 Donald Wessel BT Paul Jenkins
02/08/01 Dale Anderson FTM2 Ray Olsen
02/08/01 David Whitehurst PNC Nanny, YNC Bradley or anyone that remembers me.
02/08/01 James Chick 1972 Downed Pilots Rescue: I am in search of any photos, films, videos of the SAR mission that successfully rescued the two downed pilots. I was the whaleboat coxswain in those heavy seas and I will pay all costs of copies. Thank you fellow Preble shipmates.  Contact me by email or call 916-722-4940.
03/13/01 William Jette GMG3 Kevin Vaughn and BMSN Mike Jenkins
03/23/01 Joe Schoennauer Looking for old shipmates for my dad, His name is Joe Schoennauer at that time 1975-76 He would have been MSSN or MS-3. I know he did two West Pacs during those years. When he went aboard the first time, the ship was dry docked in Pearl (if that helps).  He was buddies with, Willie Rich and Chew ?.
03/26/01 Daniel Williams Information on whereabouts of MMC(SW)Tom Linton  M-Division Chief 88-90
04/04/01 Sean Milliot Looking for LT Gene Costello, Navigator from approx 89-91, as well as QMC
Frost and LT Mark Williams, 1st LT from 87-90? or so.
05/02/01 Sam Commins C.J. Bottjer,  Pedro Delgado, Jeff Brayton, Steve Kress, Rich McLaughlin,  Pierce, Wizorski and anyone else from 1985 - 1987.
05/07/01 Gerald Chandler Trying to contact personal from "R" Div. From 1988 to 1990.  Also looking for then MM1 MaCaddin, sorry MaC if not spelled right.
05/12/01 Walter Sawyer BMC John H. Williams
06/18/01 Charles Walker George Mckinnis, Thomas Brown, Bruce Sutton, Anthony Wright, Anthony Baker, Marvin Hill, Chris Cameron, Ulyless Hines, Coston (don't remember first name), Edwin Blados (Skip), Walter Robinson, Walter Wallace.  And anyone else from the crew from 1973-1975.
06/22/01 Matt Matroni Does anyone know the whereabouts of Joe "Joemama" Carlton of the QM1 variety or HM1 Doc Donovan aka "Mr. Natural"? 
07/01/01 Dale Anderson GMM3 Vic Balch
08/04/01 Geoffrey Kiester Looking for SN George Baker, BM3 Steve Cummings, SN Joe Farina, BM2 Kirby Garbett, SA Eddie Wilson, SN Charles Anderson, SN James Rogers, SA James Myatt, SN Jake Prichard, SA Darell Vicha, SN Arthur Coleman, SN Kenneth Carter, from the USS Preble DLG-15, 1971 to 1974.
09/02/01 Paul Gergenti Looking for all the band members, year 1971.  I started the
band we got money from the Rec. fund.  Also looking for all the guys in
supply department including LCDR  Lutz.
11/14/01 Kevin Copeland FCC(SW) Ronald Newell.
12/08/01 Pat McCullough ET2 Pat McCullough (aka Animal, Wheat Germ) served July 75 to 1978 wants to know whereabouts & talk to anyone we knew ... even if you think I/you were an @sshole back then.
12/15/01 Paul Smith I would like to get in touch with my IC buddies from that time period.
12/25/01 Jim Spencer William H. McCormick, III, Leslie M. Collins and Floyd Patterson.
01/13/02 Bob Spetla
Looking for OS's from 78-80. Paul Meranian, Louis Castaneda, Tom Winslow, etc...We were the Partying guys in the division.  I am in touch with at times, Jeff Fautheree, Mark Cummings, Peter Way, Ron Joint, lost touch with Paul M. a few years back. Where are you BRAH!
01/23/02 Carl Blanchard Looking for Joe Partika Sr. and John Vega.
02/11/02 Michael Spuck
EM3 Steve Muth, 'R' Div, '60-62. anybody at all know where this guy went?
03/03/02 Tim Fuller Anyone seen J. Stanley Tipton or Jerry Valade?
04/06/02 Eric Adsit Rick Myrick  and the 2 Engine Room gang from '76 - '78
04/21/02 Mike Reid Kevin Watkins (1973-1975)
04/21/02 Dodd Carter EM1 Robert Flippo
05/09/02 Donna Regan I'm looking for anyone who might have known my dad, Verlyn "Buddy" Strickland, particularly Bill Healy, Larry Vaughn, Johnny Dill, or Chief Young Riley Brewer. My dad died in 1984. He was a Machinist Mate and was aboard 60-63.
07/11/02 Jack Platt
Would like to know if anyone remembers my father, Jack Platt.  He served approximately 1960. I would like to hear of any stories and obtain any pictures that anyone may have.  My father passed away on 01/10/2001
10/07/02 MM1 (SS) Joseph.S.O'Hara Hello,

My name is Joseph Scott O'Hara, my dad was Vincent B. O'Hara.  To all those that did not already know my father passed away on 19 September, 2002 at 2250.  He developed lung Cancer about a year ago and this is what caused his death.  We thought that he had it beat, but it can back with a vengeance and was gone within 8 days.  My mother tells me he was trying to prove that he was sent to Vietnam while attached to the Preble (LCDR Vincent B. O'Hara USN (Ret) WO1 1971-1975).  It is my mothers belief that he was trying to connect his lung cancer to his trips to Vietnam.  This would increase his disability to 100%.  Any information that might help prove his trips to Vietnam would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

MM1(SS) Joseph Scott O'Hara
2664 Keen Drive
San Diego, CA 91239-2445
Home (619)470-1209
Work (619)553-0390/7286
(DSN 80-553-0390/7286)
10/24/02 Doug Conrad I'm looking for a shipmate by the name of Tom Vichet.  I'm not sure of the spelling but it is pronounced Visha (long a).  He was on the Preble from 1971 to 1973.  He was from Vincennes, Indiana.  He would gross us out by drinking a chocolate milk shake, regurgitate it back in the  glass and drink it again.  We also had a bet on who would be the first one to get married.
11/02/02 Ellison Gray MS2 McCarroll can you u email me back at
11/13/02 David Jacobson I'm looking for information about William Blakenship, Fireman, 1962-1963.
11/23/02 Henry Cisneros Looking for the EW gang from 1977-1980, also looking for the Championship  Soccer team from 1980.
12/07/02 Steve Wilson I came across a few names I remember from 76-78. One was Pat McCullough. He has a request for anyone from those years to contact him, but his email address is not longer active. I'm looking for anyone, especially ETs, from those years. Really would like to know what happened to Bob Frey.
01/28/03 Mike Daily Hi, my father was on the USS Preble in the early 1960's. Recently he had been corresponding with some shipmates, but I don't know who they are. Unfortunately, my father passed away on December 30, 2002. His name was Charles Daily. He died after a long battle with lung cancer.

I have talked to a few others about this and they said that I should research something called mesothelioma, which is an asbestos-driven form of cancer. My dad always told me that asbestos was used pretty commonly by the Navy.
02/03/03 Doug Storey Would be interested in finding shipmates Mel Manoha and Mac McCauly from East Coast.
02/20/03 Ken Jones I am looking for SK2 Tom Moorhouse, DK3 Jacobsen, DS2 Peel.
05/07/03 Jack Neu Looking for Ken Westcott & Ron Palmer.
05/12/03 Stephen James I am looking for any one who was on the USS Preble from 1963 to 1967. I need information on the 4 tours we did in Vietnam and any information as to why we stopped at Da Nang in Jan. 1967.  Anyone who remembers tying up at DaNang and also when we had what you would call emergency washdowns on deck please contact me. 
05/21/03 Neal Rhorer I am looking for BMCS Hugh H. Ritchie on Preble DLG 15 '62-'67
06/01/03 Jake Borgman I am looking for info on BTCS Knott, BT1 Alfred.
10/14/03 Nicholas Jacobs On the Preble I was know as Jake.  I am looking for Red (MM2), Wadel (MM2), Elliot (MM2) and Jenson (MM1).  We worked together in the forward engine room.  Norman (M) was my chief.  Also looking  for  Kleckler (1st Div) from Georgia, the guy from Alaska (1st Div), Johnson (G Div) and Nelson (G Div).  I was also on the Preble when we pulled into Da Nang if anyone has questions.
11/22/03 Robert "Dipper" Barlow Looking for Wayne Mowery, Lonnie Massey , and George M. Starr. All aboard 1960 to 1963 . Please contact Dipper at

       R.M. Barlow
      1640 N Clarence St.
      Wichita KS. 67203-1522 Or at my E-Mail
11/22/03 Michael Toner My name is Michael Toner and I am a Vietnam Veteran searching for my brother, Joseph G. Toner, who served a tour on the USS Preble I'm guessing circa 1973-76? Our family's last contact with Joe was from Eugene, Oregon in 1997.  If any former shipmates of his has heard from him in recent years, please help us and feel free to contact me at the following:

     Michael Toner
     4307 Vista St.
     Philadelphia, PA 19136
     Phone: (215)-333-8522

11/22/03 Harvey D. Spencer I am looking for my ol' shipmates OSSN Mark A Willoughby from Grapevine TX  and OI division officer LTJG Dan McCouggin (sp) from the 1975-1976 era.
11/22/03 Carl Blanchard Looking for John Vega, Tom Jackolski, Ron Engle, Thomas Cleckler, Luther Broome, Mike Hogan.
12/07/03 Tim O'Brien I wouldn't mind hearing from anyone who served onboard in the 1st Division from '87 to '89.  Benge, Eddie, Hast, Joe (NY) G., Hall, Duncan, etc.
02/10/04 Donald Dealey Would like to hear from other commissioning crew members of USS PREBLE DLG-15 in Boston 1960, traversed Panama Canal survived the diarrhea epidemic after leaving Acapulco to San Diego and the Westpac cruise of 61, especially the radarmen in operations Franklin Delano Roosevelt Shaw, Tony Rice, R.D.Vaughn of Linville, Iowa.
02/28/04 Tim Watson I am looking for George Bodie. Served 76-79 time frame. Got out, married a local girl. Last I heard he was still in the islands.
03/06/04 Jamey Hall I am looking for ET1 John Gaster.  He served during the late 80's.  HELP
04/06/04 Tom Gaiger I am looking for MM3 John Newey, MMC Talley, Lt. Dunn, precommissioning detail for the Preble in 1969, Philadelphia; Senior Chief Paston, 1969
04/25/04 Bruce Ruckman I'd like to find Jack Rutherford.  He was a missileman and was part of the commissioning crew of DLG-15 back in 1960.  Also would like to know if anyone got in contact with Tipton -a sonarman from the DLG-15 crew of the 60-62 years.
07/13/04 Joe Hader Looking for John Murphy and Theodore Glassegen or other radiomen assigned to OC division radiomen period 65/66. I am still living in Sacramento, CA.
08/28/04 Steve James MAILMAN......TANK MARKLEY--66-68 and Gary L. Schultz.
12/2/04 Tim Wieczorek I am looking for QMC David McCoy, YN1 Sayers, and LTJG Thomas Amador.  All were on the Preble from approx. 85-87
12/16/04 Andy Wilson Looking for any engineering guys from 75-76 cruise. Margaret, Poindexter, Coonrod, Bubba, Alligator, anybody else, give a yell.
12/19/04 Pat McGovern To Tristan Buchanan (at least that is what it sounded like on my answering machine). I could not make out what your email address was. Also looking for anyone who served in B-div from 11/83 thru 8/85
01/26/05 Ron Weaver I am looking for shipmates (1969-1971) from the Preble.
01/28/05 Lewis Chaney My name is Lewis W. Chaney, I'm looking for ET3 Michael Crum and DC3 Rayown Clark.  Don't know if they are still in the Navy or their present rank.  We all sailed aboard the great ship USS PREBLE and I have a lot to talk to them two about so if anyone cand find them, please let me know.
02/17/05 Neal Orbach Looking for Sam Commings, C.J. Bottjer, Pedro Delgado, Jeff Brayton, Steve Kress, Rich McLaughlin, Pierce, Wizorski and anyone else from 1987 - 1989.
02/21/05 Daniel Gutierrez My name is Daniel Gutierrez. I'm writing on behalf of my father, Jose Luis Gutierrez... It's been 6 yrs since he passed away now, and I wasn't old enough to learn about all of the great and not so great things he experienced while serving on the Preble. He would have served between 68' and 71 or so. He was in the 3rd Division. I was wondering if there is anybody out there who remembers my father and maybe had a story or two to share. Really hoping to hear from someone... Thank you, Daniel G. Gutierrez
03/10/05 Doug Brock Looking for FC2(SW) Nathan Bolerjack 5th Division 1987-1991
03/16/05 Richard Westfall Am looking for Paul Geiser (not sure of last name). He was from North or South Dakota. I had housing in Waipahu and Aiea. Paul spent a few weekends with us during the time I was aboard the Preble. Anyone knowing his whereabouts, please advise me.
03/22/05 Michael Greenwood Want to locate and crew or First Division 79-81
05/08/05 Dick 'Frenchy' Beaumier I never served on the Preble but I am looking for BM3 Leonard B. Madrin, who did. Prior to going to the Preble he was in First Division with me on the O'Bannon on West Pac in 1969 and although he is listed on your site there is no email address. I would appreciate your help. Thank you. Dick "Frenchy" Beaumier from the USS O'Bannon (DD 450)
07/30/05 Frank Mathias Looking for any shipmates and my 1st division buddies from 1978 - 1980 - Mike Jenkins, Bo, Ernie Lewis, Galloway, Mifsud, Jim Moritx, Eric Shipley, Willie Lyons, Van, etc...
07/30/05 Carroll Lunde This is Carroll Lunde, and I did a couple of Westpac tours on the Preble myself. Was on there for the 66-67 and, the 68 cruise. When I left I was a CS2. I am looking for anyone wanting to share infomation on the cruises. mostly like where we were and did we have chemicals aboard and emergency washdowns. This is some of the information I would like to find out and any response would be appreciated. Thanks
08/05/2005 Donald R. Gereszek Am Looking for Joe Hedgpeth. His phone number has been disconnected and his e-mail has been returned un-deliverable. I served with him on board the Preble and last saw him at the reunion in San Diego a few years ago. Thanks
09/16/05 Richard F. Gonzalez My name is Richard F. Gonzalez aka "Speedy." I served aboard the Preble, DLG-15 from 9/1966 to 8/1968 in AS Division. I would very much like to find shipmates Ron Mayhew STG-3, George Lewis Brown STG-2, Herbert Vanaman TM-1, Bruce Rabey SN and Lt. Kulas. Thanks, RG
09/16/05 Gary Snyder My name is Gary Snyder and I served aboard the Preble from 1965-1967. I would be interested in hearing from others that I served with in OI Division RD3. I can be reached at (541) 218-2618 or at this email address (c/o my daughter) Thanks!
12/21/05 James Lofswold Looking for Lucious Hicks. If anyone has any information on his wherabouts, please,please contact me via email.
01/17/06 Rod Andrews I'd like to hear from Roc Rocca [navy diver], DS2 Skip Smith, DS2 Steve Silo or any of the Ops gang. Right now I'm in the San Diego Area.
02/01/06 James Mcauliff I'd like to find a crew member HT3 Randy Moore.
2/19/06 Ray Unterseher Looking for GMG2 Birdsong from Hosesprings, Mo.
06/24/06 Kelly Evans Looking for anyone from E gang 1972 through 1976
08/02/06 Ed Lonecke, Jr. Looking for any Preble Crew Members in Norfolk, Va. area. I am putting together the reunion here in norfolk, Va. under the guidence of Gene Wamsley for June 2007. Give me a call or email me. 757-375-9628 (cell) or 757-480-4745 (home).
08/03/06 Jay Connell I'm looking for IC2 Gene Norris and EM2 Mike Miller. Mike's e-mail address is not valid as listed on the site. I have been looking for him for years.
08/26/06 Gary Coonce I am looking for IC Bill Brown (William Bates Brown, III) - 1973 to 1975.
10/14/06 Bobby Clawson I'm looking to hear from BT3 Walter Wallace (very laid back) and BTFN George (Bubba) Jones. Wallace was from Ohio and Jones from North Carolina.
11/05/06 Jeff Schmelzer I am trying to locate Ltjg Lonnie? Hawkins who was on board for our 1965 Westpac cruise. He was a pilot who got air sick and was transferred to us and found out that he also got very sea sick.
01/04/07 Dave Hubner Any and all FTM's and GMM's on board 66-68!
01/20/07 Barbara Butler Hello, I'm searching for FN Ronald M. Benion R-Div, he served onboard from 1987-1989. I'm Barbara Butler, a corpsman who served onboard the USS Yellowstone 1986-1989 both our ships were on the same med cruise at various times.
01/25/07 Roy Cooper I would like to hear from Randy Pogue, MMCS Artzer, RMCS Owen and others.
02/27/07 Bill Davidson I am looking for FT2 Jack Rutherford who was a plank owner (1960). We joined the ship in Bath, Maine in 1960. I am also looking for anyone else that was on the original 90 person "nucleolus crew".
03/18/07 Bill Jarnagin I was on the USS PREBLE DLG 15 from 1961 to 1965. I was a SFP4. Maybe you can help me find ED WILD. We went aboard the preble at the same time right out of boot camp. He was a BT3 when I last saw him. Like to talk to anyone that remembers me.
04/07/07 Kenneth Peterson Looking for R.T.Brislin FTCS and/or G.M.Mihalich? I served with these men in Fox Div. in the 1963-1965 timeframe.
06/17/07 Pam Williamson I am looking for anyone that worked in the engine room or boiler room that knew Chief Young Riley Brewer (MM2) 1961-1965 on the USS Preble. He is my Uncle and he has just been diagnosed with mesothlelioma, a deadly form of asbestos cancer. He is weak and any information you can give me or him would be greatly appreciated. Please email me or call me 678-776-9441. Chief's phone # is 912-565-7571.
07/06/07 Joe Mrozik I'm looking for Dan Hardy, (MMFN). Dan, Me and Bob Kroeber were wondering where have you been. You fell off the planet and we wanted to make sure you were okay. Give one of us a call. Thanks"
08/04/07 Vince Douville I am looking for: EM2 Phil Postle, EM2 Bill Reiter, MM3 Dave Martin "A" gang.
09/08/07 Gretchen Stewart My brother was on the USS Preble in 1986 and 1987. His name was Stephen Charles Kavalski III. In November of 1987 we were notified he was overboard, missing in action/ presumed dead. Reports say the ship was off the Cuban coast line. I am looking for anyone who may have know him and may have any information as to anything good or bad concerning him. Thank you, Gretchen Stewart
01/01/08 Carla Wood Hi. My name is Carla Wood. I'm looking for DCC Ronald Maurice Benion. I'm trying to find him on behalf of his Daughter Tayler. She's been looking for him for years and we had no luck. If anyone has Information please let me know.
01/01/08 Tom Kelley I am a Naval Academy classmate of Doug Jackson, who I believe was a crew member (Ens. or LT(jg)), on board 1975-1977 (or there abouts).
02/22/12 Curtis Rathburn looking for GMG2 David Payne
06/27/14 Mike Kelly Mark Hayes, Tom Randle, Tim Tayon, Art Cruse, Paul Sanford, Mark Caster, Herb Sile, William Ray and the rest of the 2nd Div gang from 1978 - 1980.
05/09/15 Michael Conlon Need to know who the command DAPA was on board USS Preble between 86 FEB and 88 AUG. Please contact me at
05/09/15 Larry Strmiska Looking for Jim Santori, Vic Cooley and other radiomen from that era.
05/09/15 Arthur Merlau Sir....I noticed your listing for Bob Scott and Jake Sistrunk whose names I'm able to remember. I started my tour on the Preble in Pearl Harbor and almost immediately headed for westpac. I can?t say I remember you during that time, but I'm 70 yrs now and things are fuzzy way back then. I was there for all the Gun Line tours during that time period and remember all the plane guarding for the carriers and the hit we took on the super structure in 1973. Also, I was there when the naval war ended (supposedly) and the ship that fired the 1st shot in the beginning was there to fire the final shot. I can?t remember that ships name but the event like that stuck out in my mind. Must have been good for Naval History....well, not sure of all the Radiomen I served with back than, but I did recognize those 2 names you had listed. Hard to remember way back when because I did serve 10 years total and worked with lots of fine people. I left the preble in July 73 and left Pearl with my wife and 2 daughters (both born at Tripler in Honolulu) and flew back to Philly and was discharged. I've been back to New Jersey in Ocean County ever since then. I live in Bayville, NJ...still married to the same women (whew !!) and now have 4 grandchildren. Except for Diabetes and old age knee and back pains, I?m still in reasonably good health. I still work to keep myself busy doing NRA fireing range safety and rifle/pistol and shootgun instruction at a local indoor range. One last thing before I quit boring you, I do remember the gentleman named Sistrunk as being a young healthy fitness guru. He was very picky on everything he ate and worked out as a body builder. Anyway, if you care to contact me on any of the above, my personnel info is: Arthur J. Merlau, 241 Chelsea Ave. Bayville, NJ 08721....E-mail address is:  and my cell phone number is: (848-333-9332). If you call me by cell phone, please leave a message and number I can return the call. Many times if I don?t recognize the Area Code or number, I don?t answer due to all the telemarketers wanting to sell me something. And sometimes I?m out on the gun range working and don?t hear crappola. So, with that said, I thank you for your time and if you want to chat, give me a yell and I'll talk to you at some time at a later date...Thanks
05/18/16 I am helping a family of a Navy Vet. He served aboard the USS Preble and I am looking for anyone that remembers serving with him!
His name is Felipe Jesus Molina, He was a boiler tech and was aboard the ship from 1962 to 1964.
Do you know of anyone that may be able to help me?
314-588-0558 (ask for Ethan)
11/09/19 John Heaning Looking for Lt. Bowmen, contact me at 772 834-4677 or thanks
01/26/2021 Does any from "R" Division remember me. YN3 Bernard Ondrusek engineering log room yeomen from 1963-1967 nickname "skee". Call 541-368-3944
07/12/2021 RM2 Joe Bennett I am looking to speak with anyone who served on the USS Preble DDG-46 from 1980 - 1984. Please contact me; RM2 Joe Bennett.
Cell: 434-329-0405
07/10/2022 RM3 Tony Waldo I am looking for Radioman Bob Harper.

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