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From NavSource Port side shot of Preble. This would appear to have been taken while on deployment since the Captain's Gig has been launched and there are visitors receiving a dog-and-pony show on the 01 level. From NavSource. 72k
Contributed by Joe Patton. This shot is sometime after 1980 as I can make out the transmitter horn of the AN/SPS-49  on the after mast. Manny Melo points out that you can see the SLQ-32 (v3) antenna array which puts the picture after the visit to NORSHIPCO in 1983. Contributed by Joe Patton. 23k
Contributed by Joe Lewis. An aerial view of unit 6E of the James River Reserve Fleet in 1993.   It includes  two AK transport ships, three Charles F. Adams and four Coontz class guided missile destroyers and the Gearing class destroyer WILLIAM C. LAWE (DD-763). Preble is on the  right end. Obtained from the Defense Visual Information Center. Contributed by Joe Lewis. 90k

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