Name Hull Number Built Keel Layed Launched Commissioned Decommissioned
USS Farragut DLG-6/DDG-37 Bethlehem Steel 06/03/57 07/18/58 12/10/60 10/31/89
USS Luce - 2nd site DLG-7/DDG-38 Bethlehem Steel 10/01/57 12/11/58 05/20/61 04/01/91
USS Macdonough DLG-8/DDG-39 Bethlehem Steel 04/15/58 07/09/59 11/04/61 10/23/92
USS Coontz DLG-9/DDG-40 Puget Sound 03/01/57 12/06/58 07/15/60 10/02/89
USS King DLG-10/DDG-41 Puget Sound 03/01/57 12/06/58 11/17/60 03/28/91
USS Mahan DLG-11/DDG-42 San Francisco 07/31/57 10/07/59 08/25/60 06/15/93
USS Dahlgren DLG-12/DDG-43 Phil. Navy Yard 03/01/58 03/16/60 04/08/61 07/31/92
USS William V. Pratt DLG-13/DDG-44 Phil. Navy Yard 03/01/58 03/06/60 11/04/61 09/30/91
USS Dewey DLG-14/DDG-45 Bath Iron Works 08/10/57 11/30/58 12/07/59 08/31/90
USS Preble DLG-15/DDG-46 Bath Iron Works 12/16/57 05/23/59 05/09/60 11/15/91


Final Configuration

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Length 512' 6"
Beam 52' 4"
Draft 19'
Displacement 6124 tons (full load)
Crew Officers - 30
Enlisted - 364
Flag Accomodations Officers - 7
Enlisted - 12
Armament 1 MK-10 Terrier GMLS carrying 40 Standard SM-2ER and Terrier BT(N) missiles (DDG-42 - SM-2 Block 2 (ER))
2 MK-141 Harpoon Launchers carrying 4 Harpoon each
1 MK-42 5"/54 Cal. Gun Mount
1 MK-16 Launcher carrying 8 ASROC weapons (DDG-37 Had an ASROC magazine mounted behind the launcher)
2 MK-32 Triple-Tube Torpedo launchers carrying 6 MK-46 Torpedos
2 MK-38 25mm Machine Gun System (added for Desert Shield/Storm to DDG-39, 44 & 46)
Radar 1 AN/SPS-48C 3D Air Search Radar (DDG-42 - AN/SPS-48E)
1 AN/SPS-49 Air Search Radar (DDG-42 - AN/SPS-49(V)5)
1 AN/SPS-10 Surface Search Radar
1 AN/SPG-53 Fire Control Radar
2 AN/SPG-55B Fire Control Radars (DDG-42 - AN/SPG-55B Mod 9)
Sonar 1 SQQ-23 PAIR Sonar
Fire Control 1 MK-11 Weapons Control System (DDG-42 - MK-14 WCS)
1 MK-76 Missile Fire Control System
1 MK-68 Gun Fire Control System
Propulsion 4 Foster Wheeler 1200psi Boilers (DDG 37-39)
4 Babcock & Wilcox 1200psi Boilers (DDG 40-46)
2 De Laval steam turbines generating 85,000 SHP (DDG 37-39,45,46)
2 Allis Chalmers steam turbines generating 85,000 SHP (DDG40-44)
Range 4,500NM @ 20knots
Max Speed 33 knots (Preble was able to perform at 38.5 knots during a light load sea trial after her shipyard availability at Pearl Harbor in 1980)

Naval Tactical Data System
AN/SYS-2 Integrated Automatic Detect and Track (IADT) System (DDG-42 only)

4 MK-36 SRBOC Chaff launchers
1 T MK-6 Fanfare - DDG 43 & 46
1 SLQ-25 Nixie - DDG 42

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