Attendance (Cont.)

Among those attending were the three children of our first Commanding Officer, CAPT Edward G. Fitz-Patrick.

They are:

Mrs. Diane E. Phillips -San Diego, CA
Mr. Robert P. Fitz-Patrick -Tu1sa, OK
Mr. Edward G. Fitz-Patrick, Jr. -East Granby, CT

What a wonderful bonus this was !

We owe a big debt of gratitude to RADM William R. Schmidt for flying up from Norfolk just to attend our reunion and to be our principal banquet speaker.  RADM Schmidt is a 1970 Preble Plank Owner and remains on active duty serving as President of the Board of Inspection and Survey. Our thanks also to CAPT Stuart T. Sadler, our second Commanding Officer for traveling from Florida to join us. CAPT Sadler also honored us with his remarks at our farewell banquet.

Dues Contributions

We rely upon your dues contributions to fund the administrative effort involved in keeping our Association alive, including the printing and mailing of newsletters like this one. Dues also help us to fund the purchase of services at our reunions which we would not otherwise be able to afford.

You will find a date code on your address label just under your name. That is the year that our records show you to
be paid thru. A hyphen below your name indicates that we have not received a contribution from you.

As of the end of 1999, this is an overview of the dues-paying membership contributions:

Paid thru: Nr. of members:
'01 5
'00 16
'99 146
'98 49
'97 16
'96 19
Total: 251

Of a total membership of 442, this is not a very good showing. Hopefully we can do better in the future.

Dues remain at $10.00 per year.  We never solicit dues from our honorary members.


During the course of this past year, we have been saddened by notification of the passing of three good shipmates:

Salvatore Baldino, FT1 '60-'62
William C. Martin, TM1/TMC '60-'63
Billy B. Vernon, PN1 '60-'62

All were original 1960 Plank Owners and valued shipmates.  We miss them all.

Your 2000 Preble Reunion Association Contacts

National Coordinator
Eugene A. Wamsley
969 SR 28,
Lot 6
Milford, OH 45150-5902

(513) 248-4026
Preble Yell Editor
Bill Calhoun
P.O. Box 73
Indianola, WA 98342

(360) 297-2396

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