2019 Reunion!

An informal reunion is being held this year in Charleston, SC.


A group of Preble shipmates are planning to meet in Charleston, SC this year at the Embassy Suites Hotel, 337 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29403, from May 24th to 26th

Contacts are as follows:

Name Years Aboard Email Phone
Arif Haydar 1979-1982 Arifhaydar@gmail.com 843-330-2864
Kenny Britt 1986-1991 kenny_britt@raytheon.com  
Jamie Svrcek 1990-1991 jamiesvrcek@gmail.com  

The primary communication medium has been facebook. Here is the posting with the details:

NOW HEAR THIS. NOW HEAR THIS... Hey guys! Arif Haydar has tasked me with ram rodding/getting an official headcount for the upcoming reunion this next May. We need to know how many people plan on attending, so that we can appropriately plan for activities. So far, what we’re looking at is everyone showing up on Friday the 24th,staying at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Charleston, a visit to Patriot Point, and a formal dinner on Sunday. There will also be plenty of time to go browsing through Charleston’s historical district, hang out with your old shipmates (I’m sure there will be beer involved there. ;) ), check out Charleston’s beaches, and just have a relaxing weekend. Shipmates, we also need to know how many spouses and kids will be along so that we can plan fun activities for the kiddos, and we might even set up a girls outing for the wives.... Cuz ladies, we know how we can get long winded Swapping “Sea Stories”. So guys, you can reach, Arif Haydar, or Kenny Britt, either Private message, or check out Arif’s previous posts for email and phone contact info. Kenny Britt please let everyone know how to get ahold of you in the comments. For me, if PM doesn’t work, you can email me at jamiesvrcek@gmail.com. Oh.... one last thing... There’s been some confusion about whether this reunion is just DDG-46 crew... All sailors that ever served on the Preble are welcomed. Would really like to get a cross section of all the crews that sailed on the Old Girl. So please guys, let us know soon, so that we can make all the preparations for everyone to have a great time... THANKS! THAT IS ALL...

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The below information is of a historical nature and will be updated upon the reconstitution of the Reunion Association.

The Reunion Association periodically sends out email messages to it's membership and prospective members.  If you have been contacted by the Reunion Association and do not wish to contacted in the future, please send a message to gmm1@usspreble.org and you will be removed from our database.

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