Preble "YELL" Newsletter
December 2006 Issue

Publishers-Terry and Sam Siegfried

Dear Shipmates:

I, and the editors of the Preble “Yell”, Sam (Sandra), and Terry are on a quest to deliver the Newsletter Preble “Yell” electronically to you. The newsletter has been posted to the Preble Web Site at Tom Bateman is the Webmaster. It will appear in the “Reunion Association” section on the Main Menu and will be dated “December 2006”. This is the main reason Gene and I have been doing our best to get our Data Base E-mail Addresses up to date. We need your help on this. If you do not have a computer we can still send you a copy by Snail Mail. Yes, there are still people who do not own a computer. If you would prefer to have a copy by e-mail, please let Gene or I know.

Gene and Dale Wamsley and Terry and Sam Siegfried are looking forward to a great reunion with you in Norfolk in June, 2007. Gene will be the host. He would like as many Shipmates at the reunion to help out in the Host Room on a daily basis if possible.

Thanks, Gene Wamsley, Terry and Sam Siegfried.

It is the utmost importance that dues of $10.00 per year be paid. With these funds, we pay for printing expenses, postage, maintenance of the website, expenses occurred with putting on reunions. (deposits for hotel and refreshments, napkins, cups, etc. for the host room) Normally there is also a donation cup to help with drinks so we don’t deplete the funds. The more who will support the association the more we can provide at reunions such as bus tours, libations, snacks, etc. No one of the Board or Hosts receive compensation for their time spent.

Importance of Attending Reunions

Some Shipmates come to the reunions wanting to see old friends from time spent aboard the ship, but the old friends don’t come. We understand that there are some of us with school-aged children or those who are raising school-aged grandchildren. Some of us have jobs that don’t allow us to take a vacation certain times of the year. Please let us know what your specific problem is. If we don’t know the problem we cannot fix it. We would like to hear from you, send us a letter or e-mail to the following:

Gene Wamsley – or mail to: 969 St. Rt. 28 Lot 6 Milford, OH 45150

Terry & Sam Siegfried

Those who Remember:
Tom Killebrew: DLG 15’s first Supply Officer has been diagnosed with ASL. (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) He is not doing well and would welcome e-mails. Please support him by sending them to

MTI/FTMI Early Osterberg: His daughter has a request for any pictures that you may have of her father. If you knew Early and can help, please contact Gene at

USS Preble Lighter:
Dear Gene: I collect navy Zippo lighters and I have in my collection a 1962 USS Preble DLG-15 lighter. I recently purchased a small collection of lighters from a chap in San Diego. Among them was a lighter with “E.E. Sullivan” inscribed professionally on the lid and “LIN” on the back. I thought it would be neat to reunite this lither with it’s former owner. I don’t want any money for the light. If anyone knows this person, contact me. Pat Broschart (tet. Sen. Chief Canadian Navy) Victoria BC 250-478-9475

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