Preble "YELL" Newsletter
December 2006 Issue

Publishers-Terry and Sam Siegfried

Gene’s Observations:
How many of you remember the “Big Bear Market”? From the meat case they would not only sell you a steak, but cook it for free! I had many good Porterhouse steaks there! There has been a big change in the Norfolk/Portsmouth area since a lot of us were stationed there. I would like to invite you back for a visit. Anyway, come to the 2007 reunion and meet old friends and make new one’s which is what it’s all about.

I met an E6 at Wright Patterson AFB and he showed me his electronic pay stub. He put $2800.00 in the bank every pay day. Since the 70’s, the pay has sure gone up, but then so has the living expenses! If they are single and want to live off base, they get “Subs and Quarters”. I didn’t ask how much that was. He has been in Iraq 2 times and was going back again. They are on a 6 month rotation.

Since 1990 we have been working hard to locate Shipmates of the USS Preble. All Hull numbers DD345, DM20, DLG 15, DDG 46 and embarked staff. Be assured that after so many years, each one of you is a real treasure to us. An information sheet is enclosed if anyone wants to sign up as a new member. Return it by e-mail or snail mail. Fill out your information so we can get you in our Data Base. The Web Site and Data Base are separate entities. The Data Base can only be viewed by the Newsletter Editors or myself. Information about friends (shipmate) is available to membership upon request from Gene.

I would like to point out the following: The dues of $10.00 per year should be sent to me separately or with the Registration Sheet. Again, dues are used to help with the up-keep of the web Site Webmaster, Tom Bateman and for Administration Expenses only. The Web address is:

Reunion Time! June 21-25, 2007

Hilton Hotel-Norfolk Airport

  1500 N. Military Highway
  Norfolk, VA 23502-1813

Reservations: 1-800-422-7474 or

The site can be viewed on-line at:

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