An alert shipmate called our attention to an item in the May 1997 edition of Naval Institute Proceedings:

"12 October, 1996 - USS Preble (DDG-46). Scrapping contract with N.R. Acquisition, Inc., New York City, NY, terminated in August 1996 when the scrapping subcontractor, Wilmington Resources, Wilmington, NC, was closed by the state for environmental pollution.  Ship towed from Wilmington, NC, to InactshipFac, Philadelphia, and accepted on this date for layup. To be resold."

As a matter of interest, this also applies to our sister-ships:

Dahigren (DDG-43)
Coontz (DDG-40)
Mahan (DDG-42)


In his banquet remarks, Capt Sadler called our attention to the fine book entitled PREBLE’S BOYS, Commodore Preble and the Birth of American Sea Power. CAPT Sadler was so impressed by the book that, upon taking command, he ordered that six copies be stocked in the ship's library and made it required reading for the ship's officers.

Your editor has come by a copy of this book (at a stiff price) and can vouch for the fact that it is fascinating reading for anyone the least bit interested in the very earliest history of our U. S. Navy. It is well worth your efforts to come by a copy of this book for at least one-time reading.

First...your Regional Library system should be able to turn a copy for loan to you. Failing that, I will be pleased to loan my copy for just the price of round-trip postage and the promise of return. Contact Bill Calhoun.

Information to take to your library is:

Title: As above.
Author: Fletcher Pratt
Publisher: William Sloane Assoc.


Our shipmate Paul Adkisson (Chief Machinists Mate – 1973/1975) has written a book entitled Anchors and Eagles which he would like to share with us. Please take note of his flier which is enclosed with this newsletter.


A significant number of our shipmates are known to have computers with on-line access. It has been suggested that we publish an email directory so that you folks may communicate with each other by email.

John Ritter (Operations Specialist - 1970/1973) of Falmouth, VA volunteered to act as a clearinghouse for e-mail addresses. As time goes by, we will figure out how best to get a complete email directory into your hands.

Please do your part by communicating with John at:


It would be nice if you could include a little information about yourself, such as rank/rate while serving in Preble, years you served in Preble, current address and phone, etc. Anything else you think to be interesting is certainly welcome.


After the 1995 San Diego reunion we were able to publish a photo memory booklet consisting of candid photos of shipmates at the reunion. We had hoped to repeat this after the 1997 reunion, but this is not to be.

Several reunion attendees sent in extra prints of their photos, many of which were superb, but aver-all did not convey a real feel for this reunion.

Gene Wamsley will be making up a scrapbook of all of these photos, which will be available for you to see at the 1999 St. Louis reunion.



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