Parking is available at the Stadium East Parking Garage which is directly connected to the hotel by a covered walkway. Use the 4th street entrance.

The hotel has agreed to unlimited in-and-out privileges for our reunion group for the dates July 23-26, provided you are a registered guest at the hotel. To obtain complementary parking, have your parking ticket validated at the front desk.

There is no provision for complementary parking for those reunion attendees who choose not to stay at the hotel. The current rate is $11.00 per day.


If you arrive by air and are not renting a car, look for the Airport Express van near baggage claim. One-way transportation to the Royal Riverfront Hotel is $10.00, round-trip is $18.00.


First, get settled into your room, then seek out our host room (Laclede Room). There, you will be given name tags and a firm schedule of reunion activities.


The Regal Riverfront Hotel is the only licensee authorized by the State of Missouri to sell, provide and serve food, liquor, beer and wine on the premises; Accordingly, no food or beverage may be brought into the hotel.

Therefore, we are not able to provide our own stock of thirst quenchers in the host room as we had been accustomed to doing in past years.

For those who wish to sit about and swap lies about old times with a bent elbow, the Dugout Sports Bar is just a few steps from our Host Room. That will be a good place for groups of mutual interest to gather.


Our membership has grown in the past two years, so most of you have not attended one of our reunions. You have no way of knowing what to expect.

1)    We hold scheduled reunion events to a bare minimum. You are the one investing time and treasure in your trip to the reunion and we do not wish to schedule your time for you.

We have only two scheduled gatherings:

a.    Business meeting - probably Saturday. Here we will explore a location for our next reunion.. Year 2001 out in the West somewhere.

b.    Farewell Banquet - Sunday evening. The last time all of us will sit down in the same room together for two years.

The rest of the time is yours to spend as you wish. We would hope that you would mix around and renew old friendships and make new friends, but that choice is up to you.

2)    Our membership ranges from Seaman/Fireman Apprentice to Admiral. All of us hang our previous rank in the cloak room and become just plain old Preble hands. Our motto is to respect everyone and pay no attention at all to previous rank.


We have made no pre-arranged agreements for tours. It is assumed that the hotel will be able to accommodate any tour arrangements you may wish to make.

Your Preble Reunion Association contacts for 1999

National Coordinator
Eugene A. Wamsley
969 SR 28, lot 6
Milford, OH 45150-5902

(513) 248-4026
Preble Yell Editor
Bill Calhoun
P.O. Box 73
Indianola, WA 98342

(360) 297-2396
1999 Reunion Host
Michael T. Bohannon
9454 Litzsinger Road
St. Louis, MO 63144-2114

(314) 961-6461

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