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In 1990 I was called by an X-Preble Sailor's wife, former shipmate (Jim Funk 60-62) she wanted me to attend a little get together for him in California she was in the process of attempting to locate some of his friends and shipmates over his Navy career.

During the conversation with her I had, an idea that lead to a PREBLE REUNION for ALL shipmates ever aboard a ship named PREBLE. AND WE ARE NOW IN PROGRESS (Check out the details at WWW.USSPREBLE.ORG)

Our goal is to continue organizing together and at the same time, schedule periodic reunions wherein you, and other shipmates, can gather for some old time camaraderie and reminiscing about the times you and they spent aboard ship … and all the LIBERTY CALLS you may have shared.

All shipmates are eligible to join the Association. I have taken the liberty to include a Membership application. All fees received go towards expenses, etc. Board and committee members are 100% volunteers and receive no compensation. Naturally these things have expenses and we ask for your assistance.

As a member you will receive future communications regarding our association. This process requires volunteers and capital to operate; postage, stationary, envelopes, etc. We ask for your support by joining our association and providing a small annual donation to defray these expenses.

Please come aboard and join in with a bunch of guys that, as other shipmates are now saying, “My God! I haven’t seen or heard from that guy for over XXXXX (xx) years!”

If you have any questions, call 1-513-248-4026 Or you may email me at; or


Reunion Coordinator; Gene Wamsley; 969 ST RT 28 Lot 6; MILFORD, OHIO 45150

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