I would like to invite you to the Fifth Reunion of Ships named Preble. Once again as in 1995 Lex Boswell has put together another outstanding Reunion Package for us in San Diego .The Town and Country Resort has so much to offer it is hard for me not to get exited and with a visit to the New Preble DDG 88 I'm ecstatic.

San Diego was my town from June 1952 until December 1962. When I saw it again in 1995, I couldn't believe how it had changed. The YMCA was still there, that was my home away from home. A Seaman Duce with 3 bucks in his pocket could have a good 72 hr Liberty right there .The Ships were such a bore and they might even put you to work if you stayed aboard.

That's all over now so lets just together and reminisce with Shipmates and Friends and have a GOOD OLE TIME.


Gene Wamsley, National Coordinator 


As I write this, we are transiting up the West coast of Mexico, two days away from our long awaited and much anticipated arrival in San Diego. The ship and crew are both performing superbly.

Our commissioning ceremony in Boston on November 9th was a resounding success. With over 8,000 guests, we celebrated the heritage and legacy of the name Preble, representing both the man and the ships that have bourn his name. That beautiful New England morning, PREBLE (DDG 88) joined the fleet, placed in commission by ADM Vern Clark, Chief of Naval Operations. Shortly afterward, our sponsor, Mrs. Connie Rae Clark, gave the order to man our ship and bring her to life. Im sure everyone in attendance had a lump in his or her throat at that sight I know I did!

For those of you who were able to attend, I thank you for making the day that much more special and for helping us to link the past and the present. If you were not able to attend, I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you in the near future.

CDR Tim Batzler, USN Commanding Officer
FPO AP 96675-1303

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