Editor’s Corner

As the Preble “Yell” ventures in to the era of Electronic Mailing, it is important that everyone who has an email address keeps The Reunion Association up to date on email addresses. If you change servers, please inform the Association to the changes. We are discovering some who aren’t keeping a check on their email in boxes. We are having email returned because of full storage from your server. We also need to have current snail’s mail addresses and phone numbers. So remember, when putting in change off address at the post office, you need to notify the reunion committee of the changes. To print this out… there area a couple of options – one is to have 8 sheets - two to print double sided – or to print the odd pages and then put the four sheets back in your printer and print the even pages. If your have problems, please call or email Terry Siegfried.

Reunion Coordinator Preble Yell Editors
Gene Wamsley
969 ST RT 28 Lot 6
Milford, OH 45150
(513) 248-4026
preble@cinci.rr.com or
Terry & Sam Siegfried 
3516 NE 102nd Court
Vancouver, WA 98662
(360) 892-4367
Aplpkr@aol.com or Aplpkr@attbi.com or

Preble Website: www.usspreble.org

If you have not been to our website you are missing out on significant information about our ship including; history, photo gallery (with pictures of our last reunion), email addresses of over 400 shipmates, etc. Tom Bateman (78-82) maintains this site, which has won numerous awards for quality and content. To get your email address listed contact Gene Wamsley email: preble@cinci.rr.com / EugenePreb@aol.com of the Preble Reunion Association or go to Webmaster on the Preble site and give it to Tom. They exchange information.


Linville, Orin C. SC1, 40/45 345 & 20
Skinner, Walter. WT 1, 36/38 345 & 20

Please, if you know of others who have passed on please let the editor and Gene know.

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