the 13th) went well, and I am on track to the remaining furniture and other household goods packed-out 27-29 October. Karen and I were even able to begin the purchasing process for a new home in Auburn, where her parents live and we will retire. The house is scheduled for completion by the end of the year. We had looked at this builder’s home and this particular development several times and the combination of the floor plan, lot and year end buying incentives made the deal too good to pass-up.

I will reside on the ship until I retire in the summer of 04.I am looking forward to joining Karen in the Great Northwest. In addition to being with reunited with family, I am eager to enjoy the recreation activities that I enjoy so much. I ensure my kayak, hunting, hiking and camping gear was apart of our initial move inventory. The kayak’s hull has not been in the water much of the past few seasons, and I am eager to explore the Cascadia Marine Trail when I get up there.I am also planning a big hike with a former shipmate of mine from the NIMITZ around the 92+ mile Wonderland Trail than encircles Mt Rainier. The fish are getting nervous in anticipation of my return with rod and reel.:-)

Karen’s Dad had another check-up the other day, and the news was not great. The doctors are recommending discontinuing the chemotherapy, as the resulted in no discernible progress in arresting the brain cancer or its side effects. Everette is actually doing well physically and spiritually right now. He and Gay even flew down to San Diego and accompanied us on our drive to Washington. The future is a bit bleak, however and I am glad Karen is settled –in up there so she can be with her parents during these trying times.

PREBLE is finishing-up the portion of the training cycle that focuses on our watch standers. In the early part of the year we will be focusing on operating, training, and drilling with the other ships that will deploy with us. The crew is coming along nicely, and performing exceptionally well.

My former E-Mail address of is no longer valid. I will be at my shipboard Email address of until I retire this coming summer. I will be sure to forward my E-mail address in Washington as soon as I move there, as I would definitely enjoy staying in touch with you after I retire. Take good care of yourself, and write when you can. I always enjoy hearing from you.

James K. jester, CMDCM (SW),USN
Command Master Chief; USS PREBLE (DDG88)
FPO AP 96675-1303

Please visit

“We must be ready to dare all for our country, for history does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or timid”  - President Dwight D. Eisenhower

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