USS Preble DLG-15/DDG-46

I have added a new page called "Who Is It?" to the website where you can have photos of shipmates who you can't remember the name of (CRS strikes us all as we age) posted.

Shipmates, I received an email from CAPT Richard Enderly (Preble CHENG 1981-1983) informing me that RADM Robert "Bob" Sutton, 14th CO of Preble (8/1982 to 11/1984) passed away on 16 November 2020. Here is a link to a Bio/Obit posted on the Surface Navy Association website. Fair winds and following seas, Shipmate.

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]Contributed by Barry Bengel. 
Early 1980's Bumper Sticker - Contributed by Barry Bengel

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Looking for a Preble Baseball Cap (or any other ship you served on for that matter)?  While it's not one of the original ones, this is a very nice cap that includes a silhouette of the ship on it.  They can put either DLG-15 and DDG-46 on the hat depending on your preference.  They go for $29.95 and can be found at  You can also buy Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, and Satin Jackets with the same embroidery.

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